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We take pride in providing a comprehensive range of elder law services. Elder law is a field that encompasses several areas of the law that affect seniors. We can assist you with the planning necessary to help you protect your assets while ensuring that you have the resources necessary for the care you need.

For many seniors, Medicaid will be the primary source of funding for a nursing home. There are income and asset limits for Medicaid eligibility, but certain assets are not counted toward the limit, such as a home and car in most circumstances. Many people have to spend down their assets to qualify for Medicaid, but there is a “look-back period” for transfers to individuals or trusts, preventing one from simply giving away assets to one's family members.

We can advise you of the best way to protect your assets for your heirs while maintaining eligibility for Medicaid and other benefits. We take a comprehensive, anticipatory approach to life care planning, ensuring that every available resource is uncovered to create a custom plan to pay for a continuum of care.

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Mombrun Law, PLLC can provide you with comprehensive legal advice that you can understand. Law issues can be complicated, but we can explain them in a way so you can make the best decisions for your unique situation.

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